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Moving People

Every business is a people business, so let's become masters of understanding people.

Javier Ortiz

HRBP Syncro

“It's super rare to work with a Talent Partner of Katherine of Titan's caliber, so if you have the chance to work with them, do it!"

Heather Rios

VP of HR, PayCertify

"The Titan team is highly educated in coaching and guiding not only their candidates but their clients to success!"

Kristan Durney

VP of HR Greater Hearts Texas

“They sent me top talent in only two days and I hired one of their first submittals! This team really knows their stuff!”


Titan Management is a universal design-based people operations and training firm. We are dedicated to empowering organizations to build inclusive, healthy, and engaging workplace cultures that increase productivity and elevate their brand.

Our approach to People Operations is all about wellness, efficiency, and productivity. 

Talking and teaching are important, but they are only a part of the work. We want real, tangible results. This is why all of our programs from recruiting to human resources build-outs are people and production centric and have custom KPIs to ensure success. 

We use proprietary techniques to create a custom design, flow, and culture for your organization or process that supports healthy and effective work habits, allows for flexibility, and skyrockets success!


This is universal workplace design, and it is the core of our mission. 

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Universal Design

When people work in ways that are natural for their unique make-up, they are happier, healthier, and more productive. This is where our universal workplace design comes in. We build a simple, efficient system that supports people of all styles and needs and includes flexibility to accommodate the unforeseen. Even our recruiting methods and classes incorporate this methodology. 

 We believe that Universal Workplace Design is the future of people operations, and we are not alone... 

HP initiated a universal design style program on one of its teams and saw a 33% increase in productivity!

Our Method

The Titan method is based in our research of psychology, the workplace, and Maslow's Hierarchy. Each of our clients receive training in psychological safety, breaking the ego mechanism to respond in curiosity, effective communication, reading and responding to the needs of your team, and more.  

Our focus is to teach you to take care of your people effectively so that they can take your business to new heights!

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Each of our services are customized for each client's unique needs while always maintaining our focuses on universal design, innovation, efficiency, and value. 

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Finding top talent is one of our specialties!

Hiring is about building the future, yet its focus has historically been on documents that discuss the past. 

At Titan, we created a better way.

Our process focuses on getting to know the person behind the resume and ensuring alignment with your team's mission and goals. 



Titan Management was founded in Dallas, Texas by international speaker and entrepreneur, Katherine McCord in 2014 with the vision of creating a universally designed world of work that allows both businesses and people to thrive.

Katherine may have started off as the little girl who played HR (even firing her own mother at the age of five!), but she has come a long way since then. 

Katherine has built a career on her three personal missions: Integrity, Inclusion, and Innovation. Everything at Titan comes back to those missions. 

Katherine not only runs Titan, but she is also the Host of Career Launch Live, the Founder of the neurodiversity-focused charity, The Neuroverse, and is an international speaker on the topics of innovating HR, HRTech, hiring, and inclusion. 

Katherine also dove headfirst into the world of Tech in 2021 with the design of Titan ATS, the first ever anti-bias applicant tracking system!

No matter the adventure, Katherine is always excited to help evolve the world of work and bring more integrity into business. 

Check out her book on Universal Workplace Design: Link


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